Reviews of the other end of the telescope


Michael Jordaan, Venture Capitalist and former FNB CEO

"Ian brutally calls out the reality that corporates need to learn that the pace inside their business needs to be much faster than the pace outside if they want to survive."

Professor Adam Habib, Vice-Chancellor, University of Witswaterand

"This book provides a quirky, no holes barred insight into the work of a CEO and how to overcome the challenges they face."

Steve Ross, Chairman Christel House and former CEO Edcon Group

"Bright, common sensible, aims straight to the point, funny and dispassionate... expect to learn something, be provoked and otherwise entertained by The Other End of the Telescope."

Salukazi Dakile-Hlongwane, Chairperson, Nozala Investments

" The other end of the Telescope is useful in helping organisations transition to the new world of work. It challenges one to think long and hard about their own role in leadership through all the change through a new lens.  I recommend that all Boards of directors read it to give themselves an opportunity to empower their CEOs as custodians of their assets. Similarly, all CEOs should read it to empower themselves to navigate the new era of disruption."

David O'Sullivan, Broadcaster

"There are certain things we know to be true in life. Dropped toast will always land jam-side down. A man should never answer the question “does my bum look big in these jeans?” And in the corporate world, decisions are slow, accountability is scarce and somehow the same mistakes keep being repeated. Ian Russell has some excellent insights into why corporates just can’t get it right and its really worth a read. But you’re on your own when it comes to the jeans."

Mark Sham, founder Suits and Sneakers

"Ian absolutely hits the nail on the head with this book by explaining the intricacies of change that most big businesses don’t seem to be grasping. To the point and with immense wit, this is a must read for all as we all navigate this new world ahead!"

Dion Chang, Futurist and Founder of Flux Trends

"Ian’s book is the wisdom of 25 years of hindsight, distilled into one potent antidote for the Kool Aid being consumed by most businesses as they attempt to face a new world order in which all the old corporate rules no longer hold sway."

Jason Drew, Environmental Capitalist and bestselling author of The Protein Crunch

"The realities of the workplace laid bare for the thinking person. Ian calls out the Emperor’s clothes in this thoughtful take on fixing corporate life. A disruptive, insightful and amusing view of the world of work - a must read!" 

Nkanyezi Masango, Founder of Blackboard, Creative Director at King James Group

"The Other End of The Telescope captures Ian’s unique experiences and turns them into the ultimate business weapon. Read it and you’ll be able to step into the corporate jungle with confidence, agility and foresight."